Monday Workout – Freestyle routine by DanceBugs


We’re back again with another step-by-step dance workout, except this time it’s Freestyle.

Everyone has a bit of freestyle dance in them somewhere, whether it’s DanceBugs that helps it come out or its just you at home when no-one is around we believe it is healthy to show your creative side a little and take part.


For this session we mixed some simple poses that you can do at home with some dance moves to add a little extra fun to the fitness session.


This really is a routine that you can easily learn and copy at home, all while improving your fitness. There are even some dance moves that you can add yourself when you feel is appropriate, whatever suits you!


Watch the video below to find out how we got on when it was our turn to take a class…



We hope you enjoyed the video!

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Look how talented this young dancer is… (Dancechoreography)

At DanceBugs there is nothing we love to see more than kids enjoying themselves and showcasing their dance moves, so we were really happy to see this video of a child playing with their imagination and creating something amazing.


With over 50M views already on the video, it really shows the power of dance in today’s world which we are proud to see. At DanceBugs we encourage kids to add their own creativity in each class just like the dancer in the video, because that’s what dance is all about.


The “Flossing” and “Shoot” dance moves are something that make each dance routine more exciting to watch and something we see all the time in our DanceBugs sessions.

How is it that children make these moves look so easy?



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