DanceBugs offers creative and fun freestyle dance classes for children from Pre School through to Secondary School. Linking with the national curriculum, we use themed educational class plans to teach children about creative movement and rhythm.

DanceBugs - Fantastic Dance classes for ages 1 to 13!

In Early Years and Key Stage 1 children will learn basic skills such as jumping and skipping and simple movement patterns. For Key Stage 2, children are taught a range of sequences for them to perform.

Through dance classes, children begin to understand that the possibilities of movement are endless and fun to explore. Dance is a key part of a child’s development – physically it is challenging, using a range of different muscles and improves posture, balance agility and coordination.

Emotionally it helps children grow in confidence in a non competitive sport. Children learn to take turns, cooperate, share, gain spatial awareness and interact with each other in a positive way.

DanceBugs also helps with cognitive development as children start to understand that movement can be used as a response to an idea or problem.

Class plans are designed age appropriately to challenge children and teach them creative movement, locomotive movement and self expression through music.

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